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Each month, we feature a region of Italy and highlight its food, culture, and wine. For almost a decade, the team at Babbo has, each month, compiled information on Italian towns and cities, farms and vineyards. The “Biblioteca” houses the wealth of information amassed over the years, as well as the information that continues to be added monthly.


This is your go-to guide for restaurant recommendations, wine picks, and over 150 recipes tested in the Babbo kitchen.



Valtellina,  Lombardia

Contributors including Mario and Joe, the wine team and the service team write of the vineyards and piazze they’ve visited in Italy. Because each of Italy’s twenty-one regions has been covered, we’ve narrowed our focus to micro-regions: towns and villages to visit during your next trip across the pond.



Beef Carpaccio with Black Truffles and Bitto Fonduta

Each month, Mario and Frank Langello collaborate on a recipe inspired by the region and ingredient of the month. The dish is posted on the first of the month then added to the restaurant menu.


The recipe archive is a veritable trove of these specials. Think of it as "The Babbo Specials Cookbook": your guide to dinner every month of the year. 



Quail Eggs

A guide to the foodstuffs we love to use at Babbo. Products from Italy and the Hudson Valley: everything from anchovies to zucchini to hard wheat from Puglia. 




James Beard Award-winning Executive Pastry Chef Gina DePalma offers a dessert inspired by the highlighted region. Like her cookbooks, Gina’s recipes come with “a generous serving of history, lessons on essential ingredients and techniques, and anecdotes” from years in the kitchen and travels around the Italian Peninsula.


Sommeliers Pick

2015 Pasini San Giovanni “Il Vino di Una Notte”

The wine department at Babbo shares one essential goal with the kitchen: to offer flavor sensations our guests can’t find anywhere else. In the kitchen, that means combining regional food products, Italian and American, in new and inventive ways. With wine, it’s all about finding the bottles that not only complement Mario food but stand on their own as examples of Italy’s incredible gastronomic diversity.