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Il bisogno si conosce l'amico.

You know a true friend when in need.

by Caroline Jackson


Sweet, chewy, gooey, soft, melt in your mouth sugar morsels of delight are sure to grace your mouth and many others this month, on occasion of October including the devilish holiday, Halloween. And here, in the village, several boutique stores offer a selection treats that are sure to tempt your fancy.

Lilac Chocolates
120 Christopher Street
Outside the fact that they are willing to mold you just about anything if you can design it, Lilac chocolates delivers some of the truest chocolate around. Even 5000 molds in stock! If you are looking to surprise someone with a unique gift, try their NY specialty designs, including the Empire State Building and Lady Liberty herself. Witches and pumpkins are also on hand for Halloween.

Once Upon a Tart
73 Sullivan Street
One of the quaintest spots to take your breakfast, this bakery serves up some of the finest tarts, cookies, and cakes. Perfectly iced sugar cookies are irresistable to all ages. For Halloween, they are selling make your own iced cookie kits, complete with cookies, icing, and design ideas.

Marquette Bakery
Twelth Street