Make a Reservation

Il bisogno si conosce l'amico.

You know a true friend when in need.


Nociata is a hard yet chewy candy made of honey and walnuts and wrapped in bay leaves. To eat Nociata, either peel back the bay leaf to eat the walnut candy alone, or eat it all together (as I do). The bay leaf gives the sweet candy an herbaceous flavor to the slightly tannic and […]


There aren’t a whole lot of new works this summer, just plenty of old works getting revitalized or limited runs that might be over before you know about them. The bloodless revival (thanks for nothing, Trevor Nunn) of “A Little Night Music”, now that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury have departed, is closed for retooling […]


With Superbowl XLI just around the corner and playoffs coming up this month, there’s no better time to have a party and try out recipes. Here’s three great party – friendly recipes, each from a different Mario cookbook. Make sure to make enough to last at least through the first quarter. Prosicutto Wrapped Grilled Asparagus […]


Undoubtedly, one of my very favorite things to do when I am in Italy is indulge in caffé, as often as I can, morning, noon and night. There is something about the ceremony of it all; ordering the coffee first from the cashier, waiting at the bar as my saucer and a spoon are placed […]