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DELI FLOWERS…by Simone Shubuck

Just like our food, we at Babbo, take our dining room style pretty seriously. It’s no surprise then, that our floral arrangement is prominently displayed front and center in the main dining room. These weekly works of our floral art are created by Simone Shubuck – who, when not at Babbo, can be found drawing and painting in her lower east side studio. Her art is exhibited widely here and abroad. She is currently working on a solo show for the Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco this October.

This summer, she’s contributing her expertise to our “staff pics” section. You can learn more about Simone at

While some NYC delis are better than others for food, when it comes to flowers, lately I’ve noticed its what not where that rules. Random stores I would bypass for a bottle of water are having some surprisingly impressive flowers this spring. Lilacs, and peonies have been more widely available to the masses.The various burgundy peony varieties especially. This is a flower specific phenomenon and won’t be as exciting again until late summer when dalias will come into season. I recommend picking a single flower type. You can have one stunning bud in a vase or buy 5 or 6 bunches for a big statement.

Try and buy them closed if you can to get maximum longevity. Stick to seasonal stuff and avoid roses from delis always….for the lay person it is impossible to tell how long they’ve been there.

Prince Farm (Prince between Mott & Elizabeth) has reliably good seaonal flowers and often decent potted plants. Hardly a deli but Dean and Deluca (corner of Prince and Broadway) usually stocks flowering seasonal branches if you want to try and recreate that Babbo look at home.