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Il bisogno si conosce l'amico.

You know a true friend when in need.

by Simone Shubuck


Just like our food, we at Babbo, take our dining room style pretty seriously. It’s no surprise then, that our floral arrangement is prominently displayed front and center in the main dining room. These weekly works of our floral art are created by Simone Shubuck – who, when not at Babbo, can be found drawing and painting in her lower east side studio. Her art is exhibited widely here and abroad. She is currently working on a solo show for the Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco this October.

This summer, she’s contributing her expertise to our “staff pics” section. You can learn more about Simone at

You may have noticed a stunning floral stand at the Union Square Greenmarket that is laid out by color, its so pretty and so trumps anyone else with flowers, its hard to miss……..Farmers Walter and Bernadette Kowalski wake up at about 1:00 am to get down here from Catskill NY and lovingly set up a display of unusual local floral treats that never ceases to blow my mind.

Right now they have French lavender that is perfect to just leave around to dry on top of a dresser or in a bathroom.

As summer sets in deeper, they grow, hands down, the most varied and beautiful sunflowers this side of anywhere. My favs are the chocolate ones called “chianti” and the fuzzy yellow ones called “teddy bears”. They mix well with a floral variety of ruffly dark purple “opal basil”. Everything they grow is exquisite and can be found at the green market Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Just make sure you save some for Babbo.