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Greenwich Village

What can we say? Apparently, not enough, our staff loves Greenwich Village, and so we have stuck with it for the month of April, at least in regard to indoor activities.

Café Asean
117 West 10th Street
Tucked away near the Jefferson Market Garden this bohemian treasure welcomes you with its assortment of South-Asian fare and colorful ambience. A favorite at Babbo for lunch, or on a late spring evening in their almost sanctuary like back garden. Try their seafood and thin rice noodles in spicy lemongrass/kaffir broth, or salt and pepper calamari with spicy mango salsa.

Garden of Eden
Multiple Locations
Unlike some other stores on Sixth Avenue, Garden of Eden carries some of the rarest and highest quality produce found in and around New York. If you are looking for fiddlehead ferns, sea beans, or fresh fava beans, this is the place. Other finds include a good selection of common Italian cheese including Fontina and Gorgonzola. Whether you are taking a crack at one of Mario’s recipes in the new Babbo cookbook, or exploring your abilities as chef, keep this in mind for those hard-to-find ingredients.

Central Park Zoo
Central Park
Imagine, if you will, taking in the splendor of Central Park in spring. Add to that the excitement of seeing exotic birds flying in the park, penguins, polar bears, and monkeys, and you find yourself in the Amazon, the North Pole, and Africa all in one afternoon. Be sure to enjoy it with a child, their excitement at seeing a penguin for the first, second, and yes even third time is priceless.