There’s nothing better than seeing the first piles of these beautiful vegetables at the local market, promising the end of winter days. Since ancient Roman times, Asparagus has been known as a sign of spring. The name asparagus actually came from the Greeks, who used the term to describe any tender shoots that were picked from the spring earth and savored while still very young. That’s just the way we like to prepare asparagus at Babbo.


When looking for the most tender asparagus, choose stalks that are firm but not hard. As with artichokes, you want to look carefully at the leaves that form the head. The most succulent asparagus will have tightly closed tips that are purplish in hue. The stalks should feel slightly heavy for their size. They are delicious when eaten simply, lightly blanched and dressed in a drizzle of good-quality olive oil.


In Babbo’s Asparagus and Ricotta Ravioli, we like to highlight the green flavor of asparagus and complement its slight bitterness with fresh ricotta.