Of all the fruits and vegetables harvested from heirloom seeds (including corn, lettuce, potatoes, beans, and beets), the tomato remains the most popular heirloom fruit. Within the heirloom tomato family, the Brandywine tomato is among the most widely grown and a favorite among gardeners and consumers alike.

With large green potato leaves that bears a pink, beefsteak-shaped fruit, the brandywine reached popularity in 1982 when an elderly gardener introduced it to the Seed Savers Exchange. Known for its exceptionally rich and intense tomato flavor, the Brandywine is good enough to enjoy on its own, though in our recipe for Cavatelli with Pesto Ericino, we blanch the tomato and use the juicy flesh to add rich flavor and and a lovely color to the pasta dish.

Recipe Suggestion: Panzanella Salad