Marzolino is a sheep’s milk cheese produced by only a few farmers in the region of Lazio. The rustic cheese was originally produced during March, for which the cheese gets its name (from the Italian marzo). The cheese undergoes two distinct stages of maturing. During the first stage, the rounds are left in a cool, well-ventilated room. The rounds are then washed with oil and vinegar and placed in a sealed glass demijohn for four or five months. The end result is a light, aromatic cheese that is low in fat.


During the Renaissance, marzolino was exported all over Europe. 16th century doctora praised the cheese for its nutritional qualities and refined flavor. Today, marzolino is made from a mixture of ewe’s and cow’s milk and is produced from fall through to late spring. In Tuscany, marzolino is often served with walnuts, pears, or honey.