‘Nduja is a soft, spicy spreadable salami from the southern Italian region of Calabria. The name ‘nduja comes from the French “andouille” (which translates directly to “sausage”). The origins of the dish in Italy are uncertain, but many believe that andouille was brought to the area when Napoleon conquered Napes in 1806 and was then interpreted by the Calabrian locals.


The people of Calabria, most famously in the town of Spilinga, made their version of the French sausage with pork fat (lardo), ground kidney, lung, and other offal. The meat is all finely chopped and spiced with salt and local peperoncino then wrapped in the animal’s intestine. The sausage is then smoked or aged (or both).


In Calabria, ’nduja is melted on pizza or simply spread on bread.