Prized by regular Italian cooks and gourmands alike, Sicilian sea salt is a highly sought-after and delicious condiment. Full of both flavor and texture, this unrefined salt is unique for its taste and crunch. According to Roman and Greek mythology, sea salt is the union of sun, sea, and the Sicilian land.

Modern references, dating back to 1154, have described Trapani , Sicily as the center of salt works. The natural reserve salt pans in this region are renowned for the purity of salt and their protected location, far from influence of man. This all natural salt is hand harvested from the salt flats on the coast of the Mediterranean near Trapani. The harvesting season for sea salt in Italy is between the months of June and September. The process uses salt pans that are filled with the seawater in the spring and left to evaporate by the heat of the Sicilian sun and strong African winds. Harvesting takes place once the water has evaporated and the softball sized ” rocks ” are crushed and ground without further refining.

Its moist crystals and mineral-rich flavor make it ideal for both cooking and as a finishing touch. Its noticeable crunch makes it a perfect topping for grilled meats, salads, and tomatoes. Vital and essential minerals from the sea, including iodine, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, are all preserved in this salt, allowing it to have a much lower percentage of sodium chloride, or “saltiness” than table salt. It has a delicate taste and magnificent complex mineral flavor without being too concentrated. Sicilian sea salt brings the delicate scent of the southern Mediterranean wind to every meal.