The tomato is botanically a fruit and is often mistakenly considered a vegetable because of its use in sauces and salads. But the Sungold tomato cultivates a true fruity flavor and is one of the sweetest and juiciest forms of the cherry tomato.

Characterized by its golden, orange color, the Sungold is used to brighten up a meal and add sweetness to any dish. Most commonly found in Mediterranean cuisines, especially Italian, the Sungold tomato is perfect for tossing in a salad. However, it’s most known as the ultimate snacking tomato– best when popped into your mouth straight from the vine.

The Sungold was introduced to gardeners in 1992 by the British mail order seed company, Thompson and Morgan. It is grown in long trusses on vines and stored in dry room temperatures to bring out maximum flavor. This sweet treat is best grown in greenhouses, and can be found in most local and specialty grocery stores. Its high levels of sugar allow it to produce its sweet taste, but these hybrid tomatoes also provide nutritional value. A good source of carotene, a Vitamin A precursor, makes this snack a healthy treat.

Although often eaten raw, there are countless innovative ways to incorporate the Sungold into dishes. Spaghetti “Al Telefono,” is a perfect example. The natural sweetness of these golden tomatoes adds a delightfully sweet flavor to create a delicious dish.