The Maremma area of Toscana is still largely undiscovered and inaccessible. It’s home to wild boar and the wild mushrooms on which they feast.


In the winter months, wild game is pursued throughout Tuscany. Game birds and wild boar are hunted from the end of summer through the first snowfall or hard freeze, usually in late December. But many hunters still obtain from the hunt when theres snow on the ground; the clear footprints make running the beasts to the ground far too easy for sportsmanly gents.


Wild boar mea is used for famously flavorful hams as well as in sausage and salami. Sausage made from wild boar is generally more intense and flavorful than that made from domestic pigs. Wild boar meat is substituted for pork in many regional recipes.


Texas boar is now widely available in America. It makes an excellent substitute for Tuscan boar.