Make a Reservation

Il bisogno si conosce l'amico.

You know a true friend when in need.

By Pamely Lewy


Did you know that there are loads of activities to do in the summer that are FREE. Absolutely no charge! The trick is finding them and taking advantage. Good thing we did the work for you. So while the weather is nice and before too many folks find out – get out there and enjoy! Here’s our list of free stuff to do in NYC this month


July 13th and 15th – RiverFlicks…enjoy free seating at Pier 54 while watching the ever-popular Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Or on the 15th watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – always a crowd-pleasing classic. Movies start at Dusk…oh, and there’s free popcorn too!


How about Tango lessens? Free lesson are given by the talented folks at Dance Manhattan – and guess what? It’s free. Get ready to sweat


July 28 & August 25, 7:30pm It’s a total knock out when amateur boxing debuts at Hudson River Park. While the sun sets and the stars rise you’ll have the time of your life as amateur boxers from all walks of life duke it out to see who is the best. Brought to you in conjunction with Church Street Gym.

And then there’s always the parks, the streets, and the millions of other free things New York has to offer…it’s right there for you – all you have to do is look a little harder.
br> Enjoy your July!