For those interested in the natural landscape of Italy, the mountains of Gran Sasso—the Great Stone of Italy—are the peak example of the breathtaking views that can be found in the countryside. The mountains, part of the Apennines and the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, are preferred for skiing in the winter and offer up a great mountain climbing challenge in the summer, as well as hiking, horse riding, cycling, and more. Corno Grande, specifically is the highest peak of Gran Sasso, and makes for a moderately difficult climb.

The valley of Gran Sasso is known for its dairy—sheep and cattle graze on the grassland in summer. Try some of the delicious Canestrato cheese of Castel del Monte or sheep’s milk Pecorino d’Abruzzo. To dine like the locals, try Agriturismo Vaccari (Contrada Trignano 13, Trignano, Isola San Grasso) for meat and lots of wine, and stop in Alberto Il Fornaio (Via Riccitelli 23, Teramo) for bread. Also sample local shops for all kinds of cured meats—those animals weren’t raised on the abundant grasslands for nothing!