About 5o kilometers northeast of Milan, at the edge of the lakes district of Lombardy, lies the Renaissance citadel of Bergamo (Pronounced BARE –gah – mo), a city divided in two. Upper Bergamo or Citta Alta, is surrounded by sixteenth-century Venetian walls and contains the historical core, with narrow, winding streets, ancient palazzos and some of the most gorgeous piazzas in all of Italy. Lower Bergamo or Citta Bassa, sprawls below, humming with every aspect of modern Italian life.


Being a northern province, Bergamo’s fare is often hearty, full of game meats, often cooked in butter, good cheeses like stracchino bronzone, as well as honey (to accompany the cheese).


Polenta with roasted meats or polenta with mushrooms is without a doubt, one of the most classic dishes of the area.  Another classic dish is Polenta Targna, I love to make Polenta Taragna with local gorgonzola cheese and broil it until it’s nice and bubbly.


For restaurants, the two best are Ristorante da Vittorio, about 10 kilometers east of town. Boasting three Michelin stars, this 40 year old restaurant is truly something special. In Villa d’Alme, there’s La Brughiera, with a gorgeous outdoor patio for al fresco dining, which i love!


Some other faves include:
Agnello d’Oro
Osteria via Solata