Vercelli is a cultural capital in Piemonte, with many beautiful and antique cathedrals and local art displayed both indoors and outdoors around the region. Visit one of the oldest and most breathtaking examples of Romanesque architecture at the Basilica di Sant’Andrea (on the Piazza Roma), built in 1219, and be sure to pass through the magnificent Cathedral of Vercelli in the center of town. Vercelli is also home to many art collections, old and new, including one that is centuries-old at the Institute de Beaux-Arts and one that contains both art and artifacts that display the history of the city at the Museo Camilio Leone (Via Giuseppe Verde, 30).

While in Vercelli, it is necessary to sample all that the region has to offer from its land. Sample different cheeses such as Gorgonzola or Castelmagno from the cows that also supply the cherished and highly protected Piedmontese beef, which you can try in its purest form as carne cruda at the Trattoria Belvedere (Via Solferino, Tel. 0163 24095). Also be sure to sample agnolotti, a ravioli-like pasta native to the region, at the Osteria Dell’Oca Bianca (Via Umbera I, 2, Tel. 0161 966833). Vercelli is a large producer of rice, as it is situated on a plain near the Po River, and it is likely that you will come upon different rice paddies during your visit. Be sure to try the local dish of panissa, their version of rice and beans. Don’t miss out on all that this fruitful region has to offer.