The town of Cortona is perched on a hill in the center of the Tuscan province of Arezzo, near the border of the province of Siena and Umbria. Because of where it’s situated, Cortona can be seen from kilometers away from the windy roads of Tuscany.

Cortona boasts especially old Umbrian and Etruscan origins. The town was founded by the Etruscans between the 8th and 7th centuries BCE. The town was defeated by the Romans in the fifth century and took the name Corito. The Greeks called Cortona, “the metropolis of the Tyrrhenians,” that is, the non-Greek peoples.

The city didn’t become a free municipality until the 13th century. Though closer in proximity to Siena, the culture of Cortona was highly influenced by that of Florence, particularly during the Renaissance.

To this day, the city of Cortona is surrounded by a city wall dating to the time of Etruscan rule. Its picturesque charm lends its beauty to the 2003 romantic comedy “Under the Tuscan Sun.”