If there’s one region of Italy that Americans feel comfortable with, it’s Tuscany. Both in the way they navigate wine lists and in their travels.


Montepulciano has for years been a tourist magnet. It is, for many, synonymous with Tuscany– the archetypal Tuscan hill town. It’s the perfect site for the postcard of your dreams: a nostalgic vision of butchers reciting Dante, wine shops that date to the Crusades, and cobblestone streets lined with coats of arms and family crests.


According to legend, Montepulciano was founded by the Etruscans in the 3rd or 4th Century BCE. The town rose to prominence (and independance) in the 1100s, and was later for centuries during the Middle Ages a constant bone of contention between the regional powers of Florence and Siena.


Close to town is the recently restored 18th-Century hotel Villa Poggiano. Montepulciano’s geographical location makes it the perfect launchpad for short day trips to other Tuscan hill towns: Pienza, Bagno Vignoni, and Montalcino among others. As you walk the town’s narrow streets, marvel at the Renaissance-style palaces that surround the idyllic Piazza Grande.