Val Di Fassa

Val di Fassa is a valley in the northeast of Trentino surrounded by the Dolomite mountains. The region is characterized by its Ladin heritage, the language of which (an ancient Rhaeto-Romance language) is still spoken, alongside German and Italian, by some 17,000 inhabitants of the valley and its environs.

The lure of the Val di Fassa is the spectacular beauty of the Dolomites. At sunrise and sunset, the composition of the mountains—calcium carbonite and magnesium—makes the mountain peaks glow a pinkish color.

The valley is composed of seven villages with nine distinct (but interconnected) ski resorts. A single Fassa Valley/Carezza pass will allow you to ski all 80 lifts in the valley.

The food in Trentino is a confusion of the Bavarian-Austrian cooking of Southern Tyrol and the cooking of the Veneto. Renowned throughout Italy for its annual harvest of apples, plums, chestnuts, mushrooms, the agrico-tourism business flourishes here, with literally hundreds of masi (the singular being maso, a working farm with places to sleep as well as dine) to check-out.