Smack in the middle of the Italian peninsula lies mysterious and landlocked Umbria, home to some Italy’s most magnificent salumi, exotic Assisi, the entire cult of St. Francis, Lago Trasimeno- the largest lake in Italy south of Lombardia- and the college town of Perugia.


Equidistant from Florence and Rome, the town of Perugia is the capital of the region, a hilltop town with a center of winding medieval streets.


In 2008, a rail line called MiniMetro was installed to shuttle visitors from the outer areas to the city center, keeping the tiny streets car-free. Perugia is also home to Eurochocolate, a huge annual chocolate festival.


Traveling within Umbria is best done by car as the train system is a bit convoluted and tends to take you many places- fortunately, that often includes the exact places you want to go.