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Il bisogno si conosce l'amico.

You know a true friend when in need.




Many restaurants identify themselves as owner-operated- un risorante padronale– but at Babbo we take this concept to heart. For Mario and me, Babbo is much more than a business or even an eating establishment; it’s a personal expression of our cumulative life experiences, commitments, and passions. Our commitment to offering le cose giuste in food, wine, and service is uncompromising. We don’t just feed our diners, they become part of the Babbo experience, sharing in the rich culture of the Italian table. Eating in our restaurant is like spending a little time in our world. You may never want to live there, but it’s a great place to visit.


When you walk into Babbo, one of the first things you feel is a sense of well-being coupled with a buzz of energy. The restaurant has a personality all its own that informs the hundreds of decisions we make daily. How we carve a rabbit in the dining room, how we serve a new aperitivo, what we think of a new linen company, how we address countless glitches on a weekly basis. It boils down to Italian hospitality with a decided American twist.




The center table is the sun of Babbo’s solar system. Each dining room has one, and they serve as focal points. They hold our cheese, serving condiments, and seasonal fruit displays and provide a staging area for wine service, but they are also the spot where many dishes are finished. Whole roasted or grilled fish, a staple of the Babbo menu, are presented to the diners in their entirety, then skillfully filleted on the center table by our floor staff. It is also where a rib-eye steak for two and stinco di vitello (veal shank) are deftly reduced to the beautiful portions. By performing the finishing touches in full view of the entire dining room we highlight the simplicity and quality of our food while enhancing the theatrical quality of the meal.