2013 Marramiero “Altare” 

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo

The province of Pescara, located on the Adriatic Sea, is the source of Babbo’s wine of the month for February. Produced by Dante Marramiero, the 2013 Marramiero “Altare” Trebbiano d’Abruzzo is a benchmark example of one of Italy’s most widely planted, misunderstood, and underappreciated varietals. “Altare” is made from 100% Trebbiano Abruzzese, not Trebbiano d’Abruzzo as is commonly misused. People have called the  grape and the wine by the same name. Because of the countless number of “Trebbiano-somethings,” the cultivar has often been confused with other Trebbianos, thus resulting in mismanagement in the vineyards that did not allow for the true potential of the varietal.   


Dante Marramiero was able to unlock the qualities of Trebbiano Abruzzese through research and development, but also because of the winery’s unique location, in Rosciano, the hilly area to the west of the Pescara River.  The Tratturo Farm, which represents the historical roots of the Marramiero Family is planted with 3 hectares of Trebbiano.  The vines are planted about 650 meters above sea level in predominately calcareous clay soils.  With the backdrop of the Apennines to the west and cooling breezes coming off the Adriatic to the east, this unique microclimate does wonders in bringing out the nuanced aromatics in the grapes that are often unattainable by others. 


“Altare” is a special parcel selection that is carefully hand harvested.  After the grapes come into the cellar they undergo a cold soak of 12 hours before being separated from the skins and racked into new oak barrels to begin fermentation.  After the fermentation the wine ages in new oak barrels for 18 months, followed by a 12 month bottle refinement.  The result of all this aging is a broad, rich, and lush wine, with remarkable balance.  


The 2013 vintage is striking.  The wine has a beautiful golden color with flecks of yellow.  The aromas jump out of the glass showing notes of yellow orchard fruits, pineapple, honey, peach, and saffron.  Opulent in its mouth feel, the silky-sweet and palate saturating fruit is wrapped in spices and toasted oak.  The finish lingers well after the last sip. 


Come join us at Babbo in the month of February to enjoy a glass of the 2013 Marramiero “Altare” Trebbiano d’Abruzzo.  It’s rich, bold flavors make it an ideal pairing with Babbo’s “Neci con Funghi Misti”, Pumpkin Lune, Garganelli with “Funghi Trifolati”, and Wild Striped Bass.