2015 Pasini San Giovanni

"Il Vino di Una Notte"

As the mercury level slowly rises, there’s nothing better than a backyard barbeques. To beat the heat, pair a roster with all that delicious grilled fare! Rosé wine has become the unofficial drink of summer for wine lovers, and we’re excited to offer one of our favorites as the Wine of the Month.


Rosé wines are more than white wine with added color. This style begins its fermentation process exactly like red wine. The grapes are gently pressed and left to bathe with their skins for a period of time. Because rosé wines are made with red grapes and allowed a few days of skin contact, the wines extract the color, fruitiness and tannins associated with red wine. Since fermentation is finished in a similar fashion as white wine, the wines are more refreshing and have brighter acidity.


As we begin to gear up for the summer months, tucked away in northcentral Italy, west of the blue waters of Lake Garda in Lombardia there is a “rosato revolution” going on. Valtènesi is the historic name of the hilly territory and home to the area’s most important varietal: groppello.


No winery pays more respect to this historic grape than Pasini San Giovanni. Groppello is the backbone of their very special rosato “Il Vino di Una Notte” with Barbera, Sangiovese, and Marzemino fleshing out the blend. The wine’s name comes from the fact that the juice is left in contact with the skins just until midnight on the day the wine is harvested. This brief skin contact gives the wine a pretty coral color. The wine is light bodied with really attractive red fruits on the nose. On the palate, the wine is very reminiscent to the crushable rosés of Provence. Light, crisp, easy drinking, but with a bit more salty, mineral character on the palate.


Pasini San Giovanni is a small family-run operation started in 1958 and now in their third generation of wine makers. While many producers in the region produce bulk wine, Pasini San Giovanni has bucked the trend, choosing instead the path of artisanal winemaking. The key to their wines is a reverence for the land, preserving the soils and improving the vineyards for future generations.


Join us at Babbo in the month of June to enjoy a glass of 2015 rosato from Pasini San Giovanni. It’s perfect as an aperitif, but also pairs wonderfully with Chef Frank Langello’s pasta, fish, and lighter game dishes.