Cantina Pedres “Thilibas”

Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG 2015

At its closest point, the island of Sardegna sits 111 miles off of mainland Italy. This isolation from the mainland, combined with a long history of invasions from foreign powers, has left its inhabitants with a remarkably unique way of life. The island’s strategic positioning in the Mediterranean made it a lucrative hub of foreign control for over 3,000 years, and you can see all of these influences in contemporary Sardegna’s singular food and wine culture.


Sardegna is the chosen land for vermentino, the best examples producing crisp, herbaceous, minerally dry white wines. Along with cannonau, its red counterpart, vermentino represents the ultimate vinous expression of the island. Vermentino’s rise in popularity and success in the vineyards has made it a popular choice among vintners outside of Sardenga. Found on the Ligurian coast as Pigato, in Piemonte as Favorita and all over southern France as Rolle, vermentino reaches its true apex here on the island.


The quintessential vermentino comes from the rocky, arid northeast corner of the island, in Sardegna’s only DOCG of Vermentino di Gallura. Cantina Pedres is a leading example of the Vermentino di Gallura’s movement towards becoming one of Italy’s finest white wine regions. The highly talented Giovanni Mancini runs the estate. Mancini is a name long associated with high quality wine production, dating back to the late 1800’s. The estate makes a range of different wines: white, red and rosato, from sweet to structured and age worthy. They are most well known for their “Thilibas” Vermentino di Gallura, a wine made with 100% vermentino grapes from the old mid-hill vineyard in Monti located at 300-400 meters above sea level planted in granitic soils. This vermentino is an absolutely delicious addition to the Babbo wine list, and we’re excited to feature it as Babbo’s Wine of the Month this August.


The “Thilibas” is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, and sees no oak whatsoever. The result is a supremely refreshing wine, perfect as a warm weather aperitivo or as a more serious pairing with the bounty of the Mediterranean. The bouquet is loaded with exotic fruit, herbs, and white flowers. The palate is bright and vibrant, with balanced acidity, lemon pith, green apple skin, and finishes with oyster shell and wet rock. It’s an incredibly fresh and vibrant wine, and we hope you’ll join us this August for a glass!