Tormaresca 2012 Masseria Maime Negroamaro

Puglia is known more as the “heel” of Italy than for its world class wines. That’s likely because the region’s wine was traditionally driven by the philosophy that more is better. Unfortunately, this preference for quantity over quality didn’t mesh with changing international attitudes towards wine, leaving the region out in the cold. As the once-booming wine trade in Puglia slowed down and the focus of the economy shifted elsewhere, abandoned vineyards were ripe for the picking. Outside investors quickly reinvigorated the wine scene and brought a renewed sense of pride to the area. Piero Antinori (creator of some of Italy’s finest Super Tuscans) and his right-hand man Riccardo Cotarello traveled to the region in the early ’90s and immediately saw its potential. The rows of vines were a shell of their mighty past, but the bones were there. There was potential to make outstanding wine.


The region has had a rich and proud history of winemaking dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Antinori and Cotarella quickly identified two sites offering ideal conditions and marvelous soils for the region’s two major red grapes. Castel del Monte, located in North Central Puglia, would be where they would hang their hat on Aglianico and just south of Brindisi, along the coast, they set up another estate, Masseria Maime to take advantage of Southern Italy’s most versatile red varietal Negroamaro. 


The Masseria Maime estate extends over 500 hectares along the Adriatic Sea, of which 350 are planted to vineyards located in Salento. The influence of the sea shapes the wines produced here. The winds and rolling fog that blanket the vineyards helps to create a uniquely cool climate, giving the wines freshness and lively acidity that is unique for the area.


On the palate, the wine has all the hallmarks of an Antinori creation. The wine is medium bodied with opulent texture and excellent length. The fruit is plump with spice, herbs, and black pepper with a silky smooth finish. Its versatility shines in the glass as it is a great sipper on its own, but gets better in the glass with food.


We invite you to join us all month long to enjoy our regional pairing of the month—Tarantello di Tonno, paired with the 2012 Tormaresca Masseria Maime Negroamaro from the Puglia region.