Foradori Granato

by Evan Clagnaz

To paraphrase the Yankee Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio, “I’d like to thank the good Lord for making me a [sommelier at Babbo].” 


Working at Babbo provides a rare opportunity to taste hundreds of wines from all over Italy, from the classic to the esoteric. Every month, the wine team attempts to select a bottling that defines the wines of a region so that we can share our enthusiasm with our guests as a by-the-glass pour. This limited-run offering is a snapshot of the current tends in Italian wine.


Recently,  the team had the chance to sit down with Elisabetta Foradori and taste multiple vintages of the wines from her family’s estate in Trentino Alto-Adige. Her ardor, zeal, and knowledge of the unique history of the region is transmitted in her wines. The foresight of Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich in their wine programs affords us the rare opportunity to reach deep into the Babbo cellar and pour pristine back vintages of Elisabetta’s iconic Granato from magnum for the month of November.


Granato is one of Italy’s ancient treasures brought back to prominence. The wine is 100% teroldego, reflecting the culmination of the Foradori family’s effort to understand Trentino Alto-Adige’s history, cultures, native varietals and unique terrior. Granato exhibits the estate’s greatest achievement and the apex of what teroldego can be. There is a structural and textural depth to the wine that is unmatched by others in the region.


Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Dolomites, Elisabetta has worked tirelessly to champion teroldego as one of Italy’s great red varietals. Her commitment to improving the quality of the varietal has started a discussion of teroldego’s place in the pantheon of great Italian grapes. The wine can be enjoyed young, but is definitely a contender for long cellaring.


Join us at Babbo during the month of November for a “home run” glass of Granato. Multiple vintages can be enjoyed on our riserva tasting menus and via Coravin. This rare wine pairs magnificently with our current menu of late-Autumn favorites.