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Monday, October 19th 


What sets a transcendent winemaker apart from the merely exceptional? The ability to craft superb wine in a challenging vintage.


In a world full of manipulated, plumped-up, 100-point wines, it’s easy to forget that making wine is an agricultural pursuit subject to the whims and cruelty of Mother Nature. It’s a constant battle against the elements. And only in the toughest years can we measure the true talent of a wine maker.


Bartoli, Mascarello, Quintarelli, Radikon, di Sotto and Cuomo… classicists and newcomers alike, these producers are able to craft fantastic wines in vintages that were either outright bad or merely overlooked by the press. With the benefit of 10 to 20 years in the cellar, wines from vintages that were skipped over by wine writers are now blossoming into mature, delicious expressions of their respective terroirs and vignaiolis.


Join us at Babbo for a seven-course feast paired with some absolute gems from our cellar. From Mascarello’s truffly 1992 Barolo to Quintarelli’s epic 1993 “Alzero,” this exclusive evening of indulgence will be an opportunity to enjoy mature wines from Italy’s greatest producers, all matched with the best of what the Autumn fields and forests have to offer.


Reservations are available from 5:30 to 11:15PM.
To reserve, please email
$500 per person exclusive of tax and gratuity




Roasted Pumpkin Crostini with White Truffle Fonduta
Lanson, Noble Cuveè, Brut 2000


Grilled Cuttlefish and Blood Orange Agrodolce
Marisa Cuomo “Fiorduva” 2012


Agnolotti with Brown Butter and Sage
Radkon, Merlot 1998


Pappardelle with Rabbit Ragu
Poggio di Sotto, Brunello di Montalcino 2000


Grilled Squab with Porcini Mushroom “Risotto”
Bartolo Mascarello, Barolo 1992


Gorgonzola Picante with Chestnut Honey
Bartoli, Marsala NV


Chocolate Zeppole
Giuseppe Quintarelli “Alzero” 1993


*Menus subject to change due to market availability.



On select Monday evenings, we invite Italian wine lovers to join us for a special tasting menu paired with the best vintage wines from the depths of our cellar. Unlike many restaurant wine dinners, these are not distributor-sponsored events featuring “current-release” wines. The allure of Vintage Babbo is that it’s a personal expression of the restaurant; an opportunity for us to dig deep into our cellar (as much as it may sometimes hurt to see these wines leave); and an excuse to share the best of the best with our customers.