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Monday, April 13th 


If we haven’t met yet, I’m Krista whose “giro” of wine will be featured at April’s Vintage Babbo dinner. I am honored to have been hired as the director of Babbo’s historic wine program. It is not lost upon me the greats who have graced this cellar. Quite literally, the book on vino italiano was penned by two key Babbo players. April’s Vintage Dinner is an opportunity to share some moments of “oh, sweet I love this one” and “awesome, I’ve been wanting to try that” and “yay, I can’t believe that’s still in here!”


The chefs and I collaborated on this incredible menu to both enhance the flavors of the wines selected and to also fortify the stories of the places that each wine represents. I love to cook.   I love to eat. I love finding out “where y’all are from.” This has organically led to employing the “what grows together goes together” approach to food and wine pairing.  I am most inspired by wines that express their place of origin. In seven courses we’ll leave this New York winter scene of ashen, cigarette butt-dotted slush. A sip of Faro and a bite of blue crab roe and, bam, we’re soaking up sunshine and sea salt on an Ionian pier. If quiet foraging in a cool Piemontese forest suits you, the 1989 Cordero di Montezemolo Barolo with garganelli and morels can take you there.


Whether you’ve been a patron for many years, or joining us for the first time, I thank you for allowing me to share in this great body of work that is the Babbo wine list. I hope to continue to do so long after this meal.


Reservations are available from 5:30 to 11:15PM.
To reserve, please email
$400 per person exclusive of tax and gratuity




Roasted Romanesco and La Tur Crostino
Ferrari, “Perle Nero” Trento Brut, 2005


Fried Oysters and Polenta
Radikon “Ivana Riserva” Ribolla Gialla 1997 


Maccheroni alla Chitarra with Blue Crab Roe and Red Chilies
Palari, Faro 2005 


Garganelli and Spugnole
Cordero di Montezemolo “Enrico VI” Barolo 1989 


Grilled Hanger Steak, Charred Ramps and New Potatoes
Castello dei Rampolla “Sammarco” 2004 


Capra Sarda with Pepper Jelly
Arianna Occhipinti “Passo Nero” 2010 


Warm Pear Sottosopra with Citrus Brown Butter and Buttermilk Gelato
Barberani “Calcaia” Muffa Nobile Classico Superiore 2007


*Menu subject to change due to market availability.



On select Monday evenings, we invite Italian wine lovers to join us for a special tasting menu paired with the best vintage wines from the depths of our cellar. Unlike many restaurant wine dinners, these are not distributor-sponsored events featuring “current-release” wines. The allure of Vintage Babbo is that it’s a personal expression of the restaurant; an opportunity for us to dig deep into our cellar (as much as it may sometimes hurt to see these wines leave); and an excuse to share the best of the best with our customers.




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