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Babbo NYC

Insalata di Tarocco


Blood Orange Salad with Onions, Olives, Chiles, Mint, and Bottarga

8 blood oranges, outer zest and pith removed
1 red onion, thinly sliced into rings
20 gaeta olives
1 jalapeño, thinly sliced into rings with a mandolin or sharp knife
2 sprigs of fresh mint, chiffonade
Maldon sea salt
1 4-ounce piece red mullet bottarga


Using a slicer, cut the oranges crosswise into rings.

On each of four chilled plates, arrange orange cross sections in a single layer, over lapping slightly, in the style of carpaccio. Season oranges with Maldon sea salt an fresh black pepper. Sprinkle each plate with about a tablespoon of the fresh mint chiffonade. 

In a small bowl, combine the red onion rings, jalapeño, and gaeta olives. Season with salt, pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Distribute the olives, red onion and jalapeño evenly on the four plates.

Drizzle each plate with oil and finish with a generous grating of bottarga.


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