Region: Sardinia


Alghero, Sardinia 

Located on the coast of Sardinia, Alghero remains a distinct entity of the island. Though Italian through and through from the cuisine to the landscape, the remnants of its early days as a colony of Spain are apparent in that the language of Catalan still survives in Alghero. Also of Spanish origin is the Church of San Francesco with its pointed tower (Via Carlo Alberto, 46). 

When in Alghero, don’t forgo the opportunity to explore all that its seas have to offer. Take in the beauty of the waterfront at the beaches at Le Bombarde and Porto Conte. Check out the coral being sold at different shops in Alghero – it is one of the peoples’ most revered treasures, and one that many lives have been lost trying to extract from the deep waters. It is made into many type of beautiful jewelry-rings, earrings, beads-as well as carvings and other sculptures unique to Alghero.

Finally, enjoy the fantastically fresh seafood that comes from the waters of Alghero. The lobster especially, called aragosta is some of the finest of the sea. Try it at La Lepanto (Via Carlo Alberto, 135), or for a more intimate dining experience, try Mabrouk (Via Santa Barbara 4) for only the freshest fish, still sparkling from the clear sea water. For a restaurant with a view, Nettuno (Via Maddalanetta 4) has a beautiful roof dining area open in the summer.  


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