Vintage Babbo


To celebrate the legacy of Babbo’s wine program, we will offer five vintage Babbo tasting menus, each available for one week at a time. Reaching deep into our 2,700-bottle cellar, our wine team has selected five groundbreaking wines/estates and will offer a vertical that demonstrates the depth of our cellar. All of the wines for these dinners were bought on release. Now they are aged perfectly to share to help commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the restaurant. 

Twenty years ago, Babbo changed the culinary landscape in the United States. There is no better way to show our appreciation for our guests who have made Babbo one of the most distinguished wine destinations in the world than to offer these epic menus.

Past Dinners:

Sassicaia: The Original Super Tuscan
March 20th through March 25th

There is perhaps no winery that has had a larger impact on its region of origin than Tenuta San Guido. “Sassicaia” unlocked the potential from its terroir and catapulted Bolgheri into the pantheon of great regions for Cabernet Sauvignon. From humble beginnings, the estate has transformed itself into Italy’s most famous wine. The wines will be paired with a Tuscany-inspired menu by Chef Rob Zwirz. 


Crostini di Fegato with Black Truffles
Tenuta San Guido “Sassicaia” Bolgheri Sassicaia 2001

Crespelle with Pecorino Toscano and Strawberry Conserva

Tenuta San Guido “Sassicaia” Bolgheri Sassicaia 2003  

Francobolli di Patate with Cinghiale al Rosemarino
Tenuta San Guido “Sassicaia” Bolgheri Sassicaia 2005
Tenuta San Guido “Sassicaia” Bolgheri Sassicaia 2004  

Lamb Shank Boscaiola with Lamb Sausage and Cannellini Beans
Tenuta San Guido “Sassicaia” Bolgheri Sassicaia 2007
Tenuta San Guido “Sassicaia” Bolgheri Sassicaia 2006 

Omaggio a Filippo Corsini
Tenuta San Guido “Sassicaia” Bolgheri Sassicaia 2008

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