Vintage Babbo


When Babbo opened in 1998, restaurant wine programs in the United States were very different than they are today. Babbo offered Italian wines only (no Bordeaux or Burgundy) and represented every region on the Italian Peninsula (not Brunello and Super Tuscans alone). Babbo was the first restaurant to organize its wine list by region, the first to offer wine by the quartino, and the first to prime glassware before wine service. Whereas common practice was for restaurants to offer current releases, Joe Bastianich bought wines in bulk and stored them, building a cellar over time.

For two decades, Babbo’s wine philosophy has been consistent: (1) represent all of Italy’s winemaking regions, with as many diverse styles of wine as possible; (2) offer selections of older vintages of great wines; and (3) refrain from discriminating based on price or style.

To celebrate the legacy of Babbo’s wine program, we will offer a limited number of Babbo Vintage tasting menus, each available for one week at a time. Reaching deep into our 2,700-bottle cellar, our wine team has selected groundbreaking wines/estates that demonstrates the depth of our cellar. All of the wines for these dinners were bought on release. Now they are aged perfectly to share to help commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the restaurant 





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